Port Slammed for Weak Pollution Attitude



Readers may recall a March report that claimed West Oakland residents are at considerably higher risk for cancer, thanks to the broad-shouldered presence of a certain seaport. Now, the Port of Oakland has released a new plan to reduce air pollution, particularly from the diesel trucks that idle around the port. Great, you're thinking. What's the port gonna do? According to air pollution boards and a host of environmental groups, nothing. The Trib reports that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has slammed the report as vague and virtually meaningless, with no timetable to reduce emissions or specific details on who is supposed to do what, if any, action to cut the smoggy stuff out of West Oakland's air. But never fear: Port spokeswoman Marilyn Sandifur told the Trib: "We do care about air pollution." So that's alright, then.