Pombolooza: Experts Say, "Pack Your Bags, Dick."



Can Republican incumbent and the bulldozer's best friend Richard Pombo hold onto his Tracy/Stockton Congressional seat for another term? Not according to Larry Sabato, University of Virginia poli-sci prof and one of the more esteemed political observers working today. Sabato just updated his odds on the race and called it for Democratic challenger Jerry McNerny. "Momentum is firmly in McNerny's court and that late campaign help from Bill Clinton and scores of environmental groups is giving Resources Committee Chair Pombo a run for his money," Sabato writes. "We will go out on a limb and tap McNerny to win in an upset." Just a few days earlier, Washington Post politics blogger Chris Cillizza listed Pombo's effort as one of the "10 worst-run incumbent campaigns." That's gotta hoit!