Pombolooza: Don't Let The Door Hit You on The Ass



New Republic assistant editor Eve Fairbanks has a new piece out on the gloomy mood among House Republicans who got the boot last month (subscription required.) Among the forlorn casualties: none other than the Bay Area's last GOP congressman Richard Pombo. "Many defeated members haven't fully cleared out their offices a week after their move-out date," Fairbanks writes. "Kentucky Representative Ed Whitfield has occupied drilling-in-national-parks enthusiast Richard Pombo's office anyway, and Pombo's stuff, including beautiful five-foot-wide panoramic photographs of his San Joaquin Valley district, is piled up outside the door, as if a peeved girlfriend had put him out on the curb." In the Rayburn House Office Building, some Republicans don't seem to have taken the new reality very well: "Someone has torn the Capitol office directory down from the wall and ripped it into pieces. Viciously scribbled arrows point toward Mark Foley's name."