Poll: Meg Whitman Now Tied with Jerry Brown



Republican candidate Meg Whitman has moved into a tie with state Attorney General Jerry Brown, according to a new Rasmussen poll. Whitman and Brown are deadlocked at 41 percent, although the poll shows Brown leading the other GOP hopefuls, Tom Campbell and Steve Poizner by at least nine percentage points. While Rasmussen polls tend to lean Republican, the new results can't be good for the former Oakland mayor.

The new poll numbers also may help explain why Brown has positioned himself toward the center of the political spectrum, and decided its okay to anger progressives. The Contra Costa Times reports that Brown sounded "downright conservative" last week at a corporate attorneys function, saying the state is overburdened with too many environmental and workplace laws, while arguing for more budget cuts and no tax increases. Brown has also said that he does not believe that Proposition 13, which has severely limited the state's tax revenues, should be altered.

Robert Gammon