Please Put One Paw Over Your Heart...



... for a moment of silence to mark the passing of Donald Miller of Lafayette, the man most famous for pointing out flaws in the voter registration system by signing his dog up to vote. Miller claimed that if his toy poodle Barney -- aka Barnabas R. Miller -- could manage to get a voter registration card without citizenship papers or a driver's license, then pretty much anyone could. (For the record, Barnabas R. Miller was registered as a Republican.) But when the pooch got a jury summons in 2002, the jig was up, and the Contra Costa County District Attorney's office slapped Donald Miller with a $250 fine for misdemeanor registration fraud. Miller recently passed away at age 82, and family members told the Contra Costa Times that the dog is distraught over his death, and that they'll be taking him to the mortuary for a final goodbye. Click on over to see a great photo of man with his best friend, and his best friend with his juror's badge.