Pleasanton Pol Learns Hard Way to Update Those Software Applications



You may recall that Pleasanton's closely contested (and still-unresolved) mayoral race got nasty when the campaign team of the challenger, Councilman Steve Brozosky, revealed Mayor Jennifer Hosterman was sending campaign-related solicitations from her city e-mail account. Later, when MediaNews requested all official emails from the city's five elected officials, Brozosky's work e-mails were nowhere to be found. It smelled a little fishy, but MediaNews is now reporting that Brozosky, when accessing his e-mails from home, was using an old version of Microsoft Outlook that automatically removed the messages from the city server once he'd opened them. Given that Brozosky's day job entails running a company that helps cities communicate better with constituents online, getting him an updated copy of Outlook on his home computer sounds kind of like a job for, um, Steve Brozosky.