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Planets Inspire Declarations of Love

For the week of December 9-15, 2009.


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Love songs replace Christmas carols this week, as Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra provides the musical score to celestial interactions. The planets are more interested in telling the tale of Cupid and Psyche than Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, and as fiery sparks fall from the heavens, burning desires are ignited here on Earth. Expect you or those you love to be inclined toward dynamic as well as dramatic declarations of love. And while many of those emphatic statements are likely to be amorous, with mistletoe providing plenty of opportunities for nonverbal communication, many other of those sparks are sure to inspire lively artistic expression. Anticipate multidimensional love stories that span cities, states, nations, continents, and ... yes ... even galaxies. Also be ready for deep internal processes. We are, after all, at the end of another long year of relentless intensity, and these last days before the solstice are always best spent in quiet contemplation and preparation for what lies ahead.

The source of love is a Venus/Mars trine. Technically, this trine doesn't fully possess minds and bodies until the weekend. But the ongoing Sun/Mars trine, which is a powerfully vital current, pulls Venus into its flow, and as it does, human consciousness turns toward love, creativity, and the power of attraction. Venus symbolizes the feminine principle. Mars, the masculine principle. And when they unite in any alliance, but especially a positive one, strong emotions and/or sexual longing tends to permeate even the dullest of atmospheres. This trine offers support for confident romantic displays, as well as support for those of us who are normally too shy to express heartfelt sentiments. Just be aware, the beneficent quality of this interaction doesn't guarantee mutual admiration. Also anticipate that those seasonal office parties might be more than a little overwhelming as previously smoldering feelings turn into bonfires of adoration.

The Sun/Mars trine lasts until December 20, when Mars goes retrograde, which means as Mars "retraces" its path, some of what's put in motion during the next two weeks will be revisited. So there's no need to hurry love. The Venus/Mars trine lasts until December 21, which means there's also plenty of time to spend in the rapture of romance. The Sun/Venus conjunction lasts until the end of the year, which is the best news of all, because this is a harmonious configuration capable of sustaining a loving atmosphere, as well as stimulating deep creative expressions of the soul.

And soul contemplation would be completely in keeping with the seasonal signatures of this time of year, when the Solstice reminds us of the eternal cycle of the Sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days will soon grow light again. In the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite will occur. From an astrological perspective, the Sun represents the life force – the spirit – which makes this is one of the best times of year to think about how you want to spend the very precious gift of your life, as we simultaneously acknowledge the precious gift of all life.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES However you choose to spend your passion, make sure you deliver yourself wholeheartedly. Not that you generally have a problem holding back, but this week, surrendering to the process will yield truly positive results.

TAURUS There are opportunities to heal tensions at home. Instead of using confrontation as a way of dealing with certain issues, try a softer approach. I'm not suggesting you capitulate; I am advising you to persuade.

GEMINI Your innate communication skills are in excellent form, and they can be used to smooth the wrinkles in several situations. Put aside the need for a specific outcome and simply handle each development as it presents itself.

CANCER Words you thought you might never hear: There is money to be made. So seize the moment, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. While you may not make a bazillion dollars, you will see tangible gains for your efforts.

LEO Focus on elegant self-expression, and be the best you can be in all of your endeavors. Strive for excellence, and you will deepen authenticity in all areas of your life.

VIRGO The more we deny our need for love and attention, the stronger that need becomes. So rather than resist, acknowledge what you need, and then figure out how you can satisfy that hunger with skill.

LIBRA Allow conversations to stimulate your consciousness and you will find yourself contemplating previously uncharted territory of your heart. Don't worry; there's plenty of strength to support this expedition.

SCORPIO You could find yourself swept away by a passion for your profession, especially if you give yourself permission to fall in love with work. Delve deeply into your career and you won't regret the devotion.

SAGITTARIUS It is a love-fest — and it is all about you, which means you have complete permission to be a narcissist. Just a hint of advice: If you pay equal attention to others, your kindness will be remembered forever.

CAPRICORN Allow yourself to feel a deep sense of well being, despite what some would consider an overwhelming load of obligations. Apply this inner clam to external duties and you'll feel increasingly less stressed.

AQUARIUS Relationships of every ilk are flourishing, so rather than focus on what isn't working, turn your attention to what is. Gather partners, friends, and family and celebrate your shared affection.

PISCES The focus is on work, particularly on opportunities to increase your finances. So rather than feel burdened by the workload, rejoice at your good fortune.