Perata To Pick Fight With Beefy Man Who, We Hear, Runs California



According to the Los Angeles Times, East Bay kingpin Don Perata is planning to stare down the governor with at least five bills tackling global warming. While Mr. Schwarzenegger got himself a wad of gushy press coverage for working on the issue just before the election, Perata and Democratic lawmakers claim that he has quietly sat on his glutes when it comes to actually doing anything about it. So they intend to submit a variety of new regulations aimed at curbing industrial emissions, including banning methane releases from garbage dumps and rolling back the amount of black carbon emitted from trucks, buses, and construction equipment. As for the governor's scheme to set up a market to trade emission credits, Perata had this to say: "That may work for Wall Street traders and Enron economists, but it doesn't work for Californians." Looks like the honeymoon's over.