Perata, Guv Clash on Parole Board



Hey, what's Don Perata been doing lately? When he's not hustling up votes for the budget crisis or thinking up ways to keep Sandi Polka employed, the Don has hammered Herr Schwarzenegger on his parole board appointees. Claiming that said appointees deny parole of worthy, reasonably rehabilitated state prisoners, Perata has led the Democrats in rejecting four of the governor's last eight appointees, or roughly a third of the parole board. The governor's spokesman tried to be as circumspect as possible about the governor's habit of picking lock 'em up types: "We expect these nominees to weigh each case on its merits, keeping public safety at the forefront of their decision-making process." The Don was a little less circumspect when he called Schwarzenegger's process a "sham." The LA Times has a nice roundup the fight.