Perata Acts Like Jerk, Again



We're a day late to this story, but it's too good to pass up. the Chron's Matier and Ross report that greasy ward-heeler, um, we mean state Senate President, Don Perata has sent a nasty letter "expressing his disappointment" to the staff of his fellow Democratic senators. What could these miscreant toads have done now? Apparently, they have decided not to use their vacation time to "volunteer" to work on Perata's petty little recall campaign against Senator Jeff Denham. In addition, an operative working to destroy Denham apparently sent a note to the Senate interpreter (you know, one of these guys who's not supposed to work for political campaigns during publicly-funded office hours) and asked him to translate a hit piece against Denham into Spanish. The irate interpreter wrote back and said that was plainly illegal. But he accidentally wrote to the Denham campaign, which promptly leaked the note to the press. The Don's stock keeps making its way into Bear Stearns territory.