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Dance on the dark side.


PCF3 (which translates to Politically Correct Third Fridays, according to co-curator Jon Lady) is a monthly concert series at Sgraffito Gallery, a new art space and venue in West Oakland. This month’s edition features local musician Zanna Nera, whose particularly ominous brand of dance music pulsates with dark, distorted synths and disco-inflected drum machines that evoke Eighties industrial acts such as Skinny Puppy. Night Work, which joins Nera on the bill, combines similarly old school, danceable song structures with abrasive feedback and experimental sound palettes — though some of its tracks eschew pop compositions in favor of pure electronic noise. Also featured on the lineup is Zërowolf, whose climactic, lengthy electronic instrumentals evoke the soundtracks of role-playing video games, and NO, an industrial goth band so new it’s not on the internet yet. DJs Lady Jah Jah and Protoghost will keep the party going after the bands perform.

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