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Pattern Recognition: A Solo Exhibition by Darrin Martin

When: Feb. 20-March 21 2015

When watching Darrin Martin’s disorienting video work in Pattern Recognition, it takes a few minutes to realize that you’re watching five movies at once. One screen plays a film facing the viewer straight on, while two others superimposed on top of that image seem to jut out, angled so that they meet as a corner in the center of the screen. At many points, on each of those secondary digital surfaces, two films are playing, with their images woven together, making up a wavy, constantly moving set of stripes. The result of that video layering could be seen as a complex gestalt — in which different images can be seen depending on whether the viewer focuses on the foreground or the background. (Is it a face or a vase?) Pattern Recognition, currently on view at Aggregate Space (801 W. Grand Ave., Oakland), presents works by Martin that test the bounds of perception, highlighting the unconscious assumptions that we constantly make when taking in the world around us, and the extent to which we automatically apply familiar schemas of perception to images we encounter. Deeply thoughtful and technically impressive, the show is much more than a collection of optical illusions.

Sarah Burke

Price: Free

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