Parkway Pow-Wow This Sunday Afternoon



A community meeting addressing the future of Oakland's Parkway Speakeasy Theater (provided, of course, there is a future -- at the moment, it's looking likely) will take place this Sunday, May 31, at 3 p.m. at nearby Rooz Cafe (1918 Park Blvd.). Hosted by advocacy group I Like the Parkway, the meeting will likely center on recent news that a Midwest-based group of investors has submitted a proposal to assume operatorship of the theater. In a post on her Oaklander Online blog, Patsy Eagan details what's going down. Here are the juicy bits: Organizers, business owners and Oakland residents will gather at 3 p.m. to take input from the community on what it wants in a new venue. Even if the deal with Motion Picture Heritage doesn't work out, the group is moving forward with an investor package that will distill the desires of future patrons…and will help Peter Prato and the I Like the Parkway volunteers determine whether to endorse investor proposals. For serious Parkway fans, it sounds like something worth attending.