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Parachuting Into Coding

Boot camp coding schools promise big salaries after just a few months of training. But are they all they're cracked up to be?



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"I didn't even know what it was I was missing until I began interviewing," said Ng. "What I learned directly translates to my job. I was incredibly marketable, because I had a portfolio of ten different projects. Employers could read my code and see exactly what I had already done."

Until many more students begin studying computer science, the demand for programmers seems unlikely to decrease anytime soon. So if you're looking to make a decent salary, have several thousands of dollars handy, and have an aptitude for loads of computer work, you might give coding a try.

Editor's note: Due to a misunderstanding, we erroneously stated that App Academy's average tuition is $8,190. However, it's actually double that amount because students must pay 18 percent of their first year's pre-tax salary in the first six months of their new job, not 18 percent of six month's worth of their pre-tax salary. This version has been corrected.

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