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When: June 25-28 2008

Painters Eliza Carozza-Kuhl, Jared Roses, and Laurie Rothman are exhibiting with photographers Christina Koci Hernandez and RichelleSemenza at Industrielle. Carozza-Kuhl's moody, semi-abstract oils depict petal- or leaflike forms that cluster in blossoms, or huddle like dormant birds or insects on fences/grids, or the shimmering surfaces where air, water, and plants converge. Roses' acrylics also explore the visionary; "Snake," with its spiritualized geometry, recalls the Theosophy-based abstract works of a century ago, while "Crimson Dreams," with its comic/graffiti style, seems more in accord with the current Zeitgeist. Rothman's watercolors depict strange juxtapositions: in "Ash Tray Shrine," cigarettes in their white sand trap become a kind of undecipherable clock face; in the spatially enigmatic "Double Vision," large, boldly rendered blossoms interplay with power poles and reflections. Koci Hernandez's masterly black-and-white photos of people surrounded by darkness are hushed in mystery, while Semenza's color photos find exquisite form and pattern in nature.Through June 28 at Industrielle (33 Grand Ave., Oakland). or 510-271-0633.

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