Ow, that hurts. A's pitchers make it to almost the second week of the season


The A's pitching has been the story of the first full week. And all this done without INJURED number four starter Chad Gaudin, who is scheduled to come back from the minor leagues this week, replacing INJURED starter Justin Duchscherer on Wednesday in Toronto. But surprise. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Gaudin's being moved up a day in the rotation and Rich Harden is being moved back because, I don't know, maybe he's INJURED. As one of the bloggers on the sfgate site says, "(Harden) better not come out and say he's not injury prone...he's the very definition of injury-prone." This might be a rude thing to ask, but um, how come our lousy pitchers never get hurt?

If the fallen A's makes fans want to call for the head of the head athletic trainer of the Athletics, you're a year late. Larry Davis has been kicked upstairs and long-time assistant Steve Sayles now his hand on the rickety helm. The A's purged their senior citizens from '07, Mark Kotsay and Mike Piazza, but until they find a way to win a game without a pitcher, there's no way to build a strong staff on the cheap unless they make a few reaches. The biggest of which, sadly looks like having faith in a rotation that couldn't make it through June last season. Looking back at that now, makes me a little nostalgic. Tape, bubble gum and glue is my new three-man rotation fix. Just to be safe, let's throw in a four-leaf clover too, in case something happens to the bullpen. We'll let the words of another Chronicle blogger sum up the surly mood, "Ah crap" he notes, "Here we go again."— Kibby Kleiman