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Overnight Extended at Flight Deck


The full ensemble of Overnight - SERENA MORELLI
  • Serena Morelli
  • The full ensemble of Overnight
There’s no need to be left in the dark, because Flight Deck extended its run of Overnight, a three-act play revolving around a skyscraper that literally sprouts up out of a former parking lot in downtown Oakland. Driving the addition of four extra shows is an intense audience interest in the subject matter, gentrification, and the approach by Flight Deck’s resident companies, who each contributed short scripts to the project. Ragged Wing Ensemble, Theatre Aluminous, and Lower Bottom Playaz each command one-act apiece, while Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre provides transitional scenes. The score is by Oakland-based musician Kev Choice. Exploring ideas more complex than “development stinks” or “gentrification sucks,” the work has real-life implications just steps from the actual theater: a dense, mixed-use tower — and Oakland’s third-largest skyscraper — is being built at 1640 Broadway. Trust Flight Deck to stride into the dark night of downtown development and leave you enlightened.

April 28-29, $25-45. 1540 Broadway, Oakland,