Outfoxed at Humanist Hall



John Cassidy's October 16 article in The New Yorker speculates on the possibility that the wily Aussie communications magnate might change his stripes and support Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. That would put the hate-Murdoch industry out of business, or at least give it a whole new base. Thankfully, in the meantime we've still got plenty of reasons to hate Rupert. Take Friday, November 3's screening of Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, filmmaker Robert Greenwald's documentary indictment of News Corp's, and especially Fox News', pro-Bush, pro-Iraq-War, anti-liberal stance, at Oakland's Humanist Hall. If Rupert suddenly embraces Hillary, how could he ever live that down? And what makes him think she's such a prize? Maybe he knows something we don't. Nah. Expediency - it's Strine for dollahs, mite.