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By Ubuntu Theater.


Ubuntu Theater is unique for promoting collaboration, using the philosophy “I am a person through other people” to guide their performances. Although a collaborative attitude is common among theater groups, Ubuntu takes collaboration one step further by not just collaborating with each other but with the surrounding community. Ubuntu shows take place at non-traditional venues, relying on local business owners opening up their spaces to theater performance. Their upcoming performance Othello, will take place at Emmett Eiland’s Oriental Rug Company in Berkeley, (1326 Ninth St) and will premiere June 11at 8 p.m., run through the two following weekends, and close on June 26.The age-old Shakespearian tale will take on new intensity through Ubuntu’s impassioned interpretation of Othello’s careful navigation of the “other” and the group’s constant commitment to addressing prejudice where it exists in our world today. If you won’t be able to make the show, stay abreast with their upcoming performances of their 2016 Season, titled Threatened Homes. All are sure to delight and encourage consciousness of social issues.