Oregon Explains “What’s Legal?” About Marijuana — Starting July 1


Oregon’s cannabis legalization provisions go into effect July 1, bringing some newfound liberties to our liberal neighbor to the north.

This week, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is trying to get out ahead of the start date with a “What’s Legal?” advertising campaign that’s very much a sign of the times.


"What’s Legal? Oregon" is running website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with bullet point explainers on what legalization looks like in Oregon — and what it will probably look like in California eventually.

— Legalization is for adults 21 and over
— Public use is illegal.
— You can have up to eight ounces of usable cannabis at home and up to 1 ounce outside of the home.
— You can grow up to 4 plants per residence, outside of public view.
— Of course, no driving high.
— No selling pot, or buying it until licensed retail shops open next year.
— And no, you can’t take your Oregon bud to Cali.
— But you can make edibles at home, receive them as gifts and consume in private.
Sounds pretty straightforward. Would you vote for similar provisions for California? Too strict? Too liberal?