One-Fifth of Richmond Residents Are Uninsured



Richmond and Oakland lead the Bay Area with the highest percentage of uninsured residents, according to a new Census report. According to the Contra Costa Times, the report shows that 20.6 percent of Richmond residents have no health-care insurance, and in Oakland, it's 17.5 percent. Richmond has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the Bay Area, and Oakland is third, following Antioch. Overall, about 11.5 percent of East Bay residents have no health insurance.

Predictably, the cities with the highest rates of low-income and unemployed residents also have the highest rates of uninsured people. In addition, the percentage of people without insurance is probably higher than reported by the Census, because the government conducted the survey last year before the global financial meltdown. Nationally, about 15.1 percent of residents reported being uninsured last year, and statewide it was 17.8 percent.