Okay, Wait ... the Village People Are Cool Again?



Maybe not. Or maybe they're only cool in that ironic hipster kinda way. But there's no point in analyzing it. In a couple Saturdays you'll finally have your chance to dress up as one of the Village People in a non-Halloween setting. I like to think that within each one of us is a biker, sailor, police officer, construction worker, cowboy, and Indian. Our personalities are determined by the extent to which each plays a role. Take that, Freud. On July 28 at the Starry Plough's Village People Appreciation Night, enjoy live music by the Altered Egos, Bunny Numpkins & the Kill Blow-up Reaction, and Dubious Ranger, while dressed as whichever Village person dominates your personality. Can't decide? Wow everyone by splitting yourself down the middle like Harvey Dent. That might actually make the Village People cool again.