Oh, Snap: IsAnyoneUp Founder Hunter Moore Being Investigated by the FBI


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Ouch. So you may remember Hunter Moore, 25 year-old "life ruiner," peddler of humiliation, and founder of the "revenge porn" site IsAnyoneUp.com, from profiles in just about every news outlet around the country — including this one. And now he's in trouble, for real. Roughly a month after taking down his controversial site, Moore is being investigated by the FBI. According to reporter Camille Dodero of the Village Voice, Moore may have colluded with a hacker, known as Gary Jones, who broke into victims' Inboxes, stole nudes from their attachments, and submitted them to IsAnyoneUp. If the accusation turns out to be true, then the defense he's been using — that weird loophole called the Communications Decency Act — might be annulled.


Moore's case is safe if he only posted content from the hacker, and didn't actively solicit it, Gawker blogger Adrian Chen reports. But he still has to find a new career path. As of a couple weeks ago, it was fund-raising for charities. Yikes.