Occupy Wall Street Hits Oakland on Monday



This Monday, activists in Oakland will hold their own iteration of Occupy Wall Street, a series of demonstrations that have rocked the US since September 17. Originally generated by the Canadian group Adbusters, these protests draw inspiration from the Arab Spring, the Spanish revolution, and other current social movements launched from digital platforms. The protesters' concerns are admittedly pretty abstract (they're mostly deriding the vast economic disparities between social classes) but they've amassed enough concrete arguments to get a lot of people on board. After all, it's not just anarchists who rankle at California's twelve percent unemployment rate.

Oakland's Occupy Wall Street comes right on the heels of a similar event in San Francisco, during which protesters spent several days camping out in front of the Federal Building. According to Chron reporter Vivian Ho it was dismantled early Friday morning, when 80 police officers in riot gear confronted a group of 200 protesters, requiring them to dismantle their tents and lean-tos. Although one person was arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer, the protests appear to have died down peacefully, which bodes well for Oakland. Anyone wanting to catch the action should head over to Frank Ogawa Plaza on Monday, October 10, starting at 4 p.m.