Obama On Ending Drug War: "Entirely legitimate topic for debate"


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What a difference a year makes. After laughing off a question about drug law reform last year, President Obama said it was an "entirely legitimate topic for debate" Thursday during a YouTube Q&A. Watch the video after the jump.

Last week, YouTube asked the public to submit written or video questions to the President for a Q&A to follow up the State of the Union address Tuesday. Tens of thousands of drug law reformers responded, voting up a questions by an ex police officer in reform group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to the top of all questions. Obama still said he doesn't believe in legalization, but reiterated his emphasis on treating drugs as a health problem not a criminal one.

Obama attempted to slightly boost treatment dollars in his proposed 2011 budget, but he also allocated more funds to the D.E.A. and funding to engage in activities like this raid — where a guy holding a golf club was shot three times in the head and chest and killed - and this one where a 76-year-old was shot in the stomach. Read all about this year's $15 billion drug war budget and the wasteful spending contained therein.