Oaksterdam Raid Protestor Back in Court Friday



Oaskterdam raid protestor and KPFA contributor Jose "Alacran" Gutierrez returns to the Oakland Federal Courthouse Friday to deal with charges stemming from a scary scuffle during the now-infamous federal action last April.

Dozens of U.S. Marshals Deputies, Drug Enforcement Agents and Internal Revenue Service investigators descended on the storied downtown cannabis college and ancillary businesses the morning of April 2, 2012, drawing hundreds of protestors and media.

“Activist and KPFA Independent Journalist, Jose 'Alacran' Gutierrez attended the protest that day, providing live broadcasts from individuals on scene,” writes Sarah Shrader of the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access. “During an attempt to clear a path to the door (there was no caution tape up like other locations), officers started pushing their way through the crowd. Multiple videos posted online show the entire crowd was pushed or jostled shortly before an alleged altercation took place. Jose was tackled by multiple federal law enforcement agencies, booked at the federal building, before he was taken to the hospital and later incarcerated.”

The U.S. charged Gutierrez with assault on a federal officer and he faces eight years in prison.

Preliminary motions in the case will be heard at 10:30 a.m. Friday in Courtroom 2 on the fourth floor of the Oakland Federal Courthouse at 1301 Clay St, and the ASA is asking people to show up in support of the only person to be arrested during the raid.

Here's some video of the frightening arrest: