Oaklander Responsible for Singing Protest at Obama's Fundraiser


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So! As you have undoubtedly heard, our boy Barack Obama hit up the Bay Area this week to connect with the voters/kick it with Mark "Marky Mark" Zuckerberg/raise some money/finally see the "Full House" house in person.* And as you have probably-slightly-less-undoubtedly heard, one of his fundraisers was interrupted by what may be the most expensive flashmob in the history of the world when a group protestors launched into a musical treatise about the government's treatment of alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning. As it turns out, the harmonious lefties were led by one of our very own: Oakland activist Naomi Pitcairn, who apparently paid $76,000 for tickets to the fundraiser. Courtesy of the Chron, here's some (admittedly shaky) video of the (admittedly pretty spot-on, politics-wise) stunt:

* one of these statements is false. Guess which one!