Oakland Union Ratifies Contract



Local 21, which represents administrative, technical, and managerial employees in Oakland city government has ratified its new contract with the city, in a deal that includes 9 percent compensation concessions. About 79 percent of Local 21’s rank-and-file members approved the deal. Deputy city attorneys, which are represented by Local 21 but under a different contract, approved the new deal unanimously, union officials said.

The Local 21 contract calls for a renewal of twelve unpaid shut-down days of city government, in addition to workers taking eight more unpaid days on a floating basis. The new deal also suspends planned pay increases for the next two years, and lessens pension benefits for new hires.

Four other unions are in the process of voting on their tentative contracts, including the police and firefighters' unions and SEIU Local 1021 and IBEW Local 1245. All the deals call for 9 percent compensation concessions over the next two to three years. If approved, the contracts will allow the city to avoid deep cuts to basic services, including libraries, parks, arts funding, and tree maintenance.