Oakland Tribune Owner Falls on Face. Others Rejoice.



We know it's only been a few hours, but seriously, how could we have missed this? At the Associated Press annual luncheon, in the presence of more than one thousand senior news executives, Dean Singleton was in the midst of asking Barack Obama a question about interntaional terrorism when he mistakenly referred to "Obama bin Laden." Which, of course, is the Defcon-1 of goofs. As laughter spread through the audience, Obama said, "I think that was Osama bin Laden." Singleton, who owns just about every Bay Area newspaper aside from the Chron, said, "If I did that, I'm so sorry." The incident prompted Chronicle reporter Joe Garofoli to joke, "Sounds like Singleton could use some copy editors. Too bad he shed so many recently at the San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times and his other Bay Area properties." Snarkity snark snark!