Oakland to LA -- $1!


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The intercity express bus company Megabus.com plans to begin daily service from San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland to Los Angeles for as low as $1 starting August 8. The Oakland stop is located on the south side of the service road behind the West Oakland BART Station, near Mandela Parkway. According to the company, there are a limited number of $1 tickets, which are purchased online. After those have sold, regular ticket price is $9 from Oakland. At least two buses depart from Oakland - one in the afternoon and another at midnight - for the seven-hour trip. A search on the company's web site showed several $1 tickets available for purchase, depending on the day. Though the company's press release said service to San Diego will also be offered, that destination option wasn't available from the Bay Area. Megabus.com launched in the US in April 2006 with express travel to fourteen Midwest cities via its Chicago hub.