Oakland Teachers Need Cooling Off Period



The Oakland teachers union has decided to postpone its one-day strike for a month because the planned walkout is not legal until a mandated fact-finding report is done, the Trib and Chron report. Let’s hope the union takes the next few weeks to rethink its unreasonable demand for a 15 percent raise at a time when real unemployment in Oakland is above 20 percent and the school board is facing a $36 million budget deficit.

The union’s planned walkout also serves as a reminder of its bullheadedness. The fact that the union has announced its intention to hold a one-day strike even before it knows the results of the fact-finding report shows that it doesn’t care what the report’s results will be. In short, the union apparently could care less if the report confirms that the cash-strapped district simply can’t afford its demands, because at the end of the day, facts don’t matter. For people entrusted with educating our youth, that’s a position that calls for some serious reconsideration.