Oakland Submits Bids for Lawrence Berkeley Lab Campus



As was reported in this week's issue, proposals from at least five East Bay cities will be submitted to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to attract its lucrative second campus. But now there's another set of players vying for the prize — coming out of Oakland.

Oakland officials submitted four proposals by private developers for locations throughout the city: The Swig Company offered a plan for "LBNL 2.0" at the Kaiser Center located on the Lake Merritt shore, which would include two 20-story towers. KS Properties One, LLC proposed a campus in West Oakland where the Mandela Grand Project has been planned near the West Oakland Bart Station. Signature Development Group and Reynolds & Brown submitted a plan at the Brooklyn Basin site along Oakland's waterfront wrapped into their 64-acre development project. And LBA Reality Group's Bay Area Innovation Center is proposing to put the campus near the coliseum.

The plans offered by Oakland undoubtedly put them in competitive status with other contenders, considering that there is already developer backing with intentions to incorporate a second campus into three planned developments, while the Kaiser Center has ample space on its "footprint" for further development. (Note: Oakland officials did not return our calls last week for our previous story. If they had done so, we would have included them in the story).

Nonetheless, Richmond is the favorite right now, mainly because UC Berkeley owns around ninety acres at it Richmond Field Station site, while Alameda is offering up large tracts of land at Alameda Point for free to entice lab officials.

Today is the last day for proposals, and the lab plans to announce a short list of finalists by mid-April.