Oakland Schools Administrator Takes San Jose Job



Vince Matthews, the state administrator of Oakland public schools, will take over as the new superintendent of San Jose Unified School District on July 1, the Mercury News reports. Matthews accepted the position last night, which means that State Superintendent Jack O’Connell will have to hire a new state administrator for Oakland Unified. The new administrator, however, will have a limited role — much like Matthews did — because the school district is now back under local control and has its own superintendent: Tony Smith.

Matthews’ tenure in Oakland was mostly forgettable, because not long after he replaced state Administrator Kim Statham, Oakland regained local control of its schools. As a result, Matthews became mostly an observer in Oakland with the power to veto school board decisions that he felt were financially unwise. However, he never publicly exercised that power, in part because the school board has made cautious financial decisions since regaining authority— including refusing to bow to teachers’ union demands for a 15 percent raise.