Oakland Police to Jean Quan: Can't We Take the Day Off, Too?



Frustrated with the events of last week, police officers in Oakland issued their own open letter to the citizens of Oakland, and it's already been widely tweeted. The cops, who also consider themselves part of the 99 percent, were piqued over a memo from the mayor's office that was distributed to city workers on Friday, October 28, urging everyone except cops to take the day off in support of tomorrow's general strike.

"Is the City's intention to have employees on both sides of the skirmish line?" the letter challenged. "It is all very confusing to us."

But here's what's really confusing: Why is an association that largely supported the crackdown on the Occupy Oakland movement suddenly asking to be part of that movement? The letter also pointed out that last week's events cost Oakland taxpayers a projected $1 million, which will devastate the city financially at a particularly inopportune moment — given that Quan just asked residents to vote on an $80 parcel tax to help boost city coffers. But most of that $1 million went to police overtime. If anything, OPD officers are benefiting from this crackdown. So what gives?