Oakland Police Officer Facing Felony Charges for Drunk Driving and Reckless Speeding


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Oakland Police Officer Eduardo Arrizon was arrested last July by the California Highway Patrol for speeding over 100 miles per hour while under the influence of alcohol. In January, the Alameda County District Attorney's office filed charges against Arrizon. According to court records, Arrizon had an "excessive" blood alcohol level of greater than 0.15 percent and was driving recklessly.

Arrizon's name appeared in the Alameda County jail's inmate log after he made a mandatory appearance yesterday. The case, which has previously gone unreported, marks yet another incident in which a young Oakland cop has gotten into trouble.

Arrizon was a graduate of the 171st Police Academy in 2015, a class that included several other officers who have been fired by the department, or named in lawsuits alleging misconduct.

For example, Brian Bunton was the first OPD officer who was arraigned in the Celeste Gaup sex abuse case in 2016. Bunton was charged with engaging in prostitution and conspiracy, but charges were dismissed last year for lack of evidence.

Matthew Santos was another graduate of OPD's 171st Academy. Santos drew his firearm on a painter inside his Emeryville apartment building in 2016 and allegedly threatened the man. A jury found Santos guilty of the crime, a misdemeanor, and he was sentenced to 120 days in county jail and three years of court probation, according to court records.

Trevor Stratton, another 171st Academy graduate, was named in a lawsuit filed by an Alameda County probation officer in 2016 alleging that two drunk OPD officers invaded her home and assaulted her and her husband. The officer who attacked the probation officer was Cullen Faeth. Faeth joined OPD in 2013 after graduating from a different department's police academy. The City of Oakland settled the lawsuit for $35,000 in February. Stratton was allegedly drinking with Faeth and other officers at Monaghan's bar in the Oakland hills earlier the same evening the assault occurred.

Another 171st Academy graduate, Allahno Hughes, was one of multiple officers who shot and killed Richard Perkins in 2015 at an East Oakland gas station. Perkins was allegedly carrying a pellet gun and walked by as Hughes and other officers were impounding several motorcycles. Perkins’ family has sued the police department over the fatal shooting. The case is ongoing.

Arrizon pleaded not guilty to all charges. He has a pretrial hearing in April.

The Express was unable to reach Arrizon. The Oakland Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.