Oakland Is in the Clear (or Is That the Cream?)


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Why were the A's left out of the reportage after the unveiling of George Mitchell' naughty and nice list? Why all the love for Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds? We began the steroid era. It was Oakland's Jose Canseco who wrote the book on the subject, it was A's MVP Jason Giambi was the first big fish who threw himself on the hook and then twisted around on it during his Yankee years. It turns out our other Most Valuable Player Miguel Tejada is on the list too.

Mark McGwire, the guy who "saved" baseball in the home-run race of '98, was, of course, an Oaklander first.

For sure some of the D-list guys are ours: F.P. Santangelo couldn't hit .200 as an A or stay off Mitchell's radar, and barely better were Adam Piatt, Randy Velarde or Jeremy Giambi the Lesser. So as the media roasts Roger and grills Gagne - just remember you can't spell Human Growth Hormone without a A.