Oakland Green Jobs Corps Graduates 42



Some good news from Oakland. The Oakland Green Jobs Corps graduated 42 of the 45 students who enrolled in the program, providing students with skills to become solar installers, energy auditors, and carpenters in the growing green economy, according to the Chron. The City of Oakland helps fund the program, and it was the brainchild, in part, of Van Jones, who is now President Obama's adviser for green jobs.

The rigorous 12-week program follows a 16-week boot camp and costs $12,000 per student. Oakland's Cypress Mandela Center and Laney College provide training for the program. The city contributed $250,000 of the funding, and the rest came from other organizations. The next session is to begin next month. We know the city is broke, and it's unclear from the Chron story whether Oakland plans to keep funding this program or where it gets the money to do so, but if the city council has any discretion over the issue, it sure seems like something that is well worth funding.