Oakland Cops Say They Didn’t “Train” Their Guns on Child



Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan is contending that his officers did not intentionally point their guns at a sleeping child while searching a home in West Oakland last year, the Chron reports. Jordan’s statement came in response to the latest report from independent Court Monitor Robert Warshaw who stated that “[D]uring a search warrant, two officers pointed their firearms at a sleeping 19-month-old child who, of course, posed no immediate threat to the officers or others. The crime being investigated, according to the reports, involved a misdemeanor offense.”

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According to OPD, the incident occurred on July 13 in West Oakland and that officers had their guns drawn when they were searching a home, but did not “train” their weapons on the child. "Officers made a quick assessment and determined the (child) was asleep," wrote Officer Jose Barocio in his incident report, adding that he and Officer Dometrius Fowler "immediately trained our weapons away."

Jordan contended that his officers' actions were justified. But Warshaw wrote in his report that incident was one of several that included “an unnecessary escalation to potentially using lethal force in situations where other less lethal force options were available to the officers or should have been considered.”

Warshaw and team are longtime former law enforcement officials. Warshaw is the former police chief of Rochester, New York.