Oakland Cop Union Head's Son Unfit for the Force?



Great, great story by KGO-TV on Tuesday, in which reporters discovered that the son of Bob Valladon, the longtime head of the Oakland police officer's union, is being accepted into the force despite what appears to be a terrible work and criminal history. KGO acquired an email from deputy city attorney Vicki Laden, who wrote, "Unless OPD is taking all warm-blooded candidates, I can't figure out why they'd take Valladon." The son, Scott Valladon, has a "spotty job history combined with poor school record ... past misdemeanors ... inconclusive lie detector test ... psych history." Finally, she adds that the internal investigator who vetted Valladon's references may actually be friends with all of them. Now, ubiquitous cop attorney Michael Rains is demanding an investigation into who turned over Valladon's medical records to the station, the Trib reports. That's some crackerjack reporting right there.