Oakland Candidate Mario Juarez Offices Vandalized



Yowza! We apologize for being two days late with this story; in fact, we're like three weeks late in dog years. Anyhoo, someone smashed out all the windows of the campaign office of Mario Juarez, the main opponent of incumbent Oakland city councilman Ignacio De la Fuente. Anyone who's been following the race has probably seen the anonymous anti-Juarez hit pieces floating around the Internet; Juarez beats his wife, sells young girls to brothels in New Guinea, something like that. Like most reporters, we've ignored them as the likely unhinged ravings of someone with a personal beef. Because we're so high-minded and all, you know? But now that businesses that post his fliers have been intimidated, someone has slashed the tires of Juarez's car, and he's been forced to hire security, we can remain silent no longer. Just say no to psychosis!