Oakland Band Tune-Yards Hits #4 on Rolling Stone's "Hot List"



Keep an eye out for Merrill Garbus. Her local fans are all a-twitter (yes, literally) this morning, now that the young Oakland musician made it to number 4 on Rolling Stone's "Hot List," right behind Radiohead, the Cars, and Kanye West, as SF Weekly music editor Ian S. Port proudly notes. And that's not all. Garbus' percussive new single, "Bizness," garnered a whopping 4-star review. The reason? Well, it's brilliant, for one thing. And brilliantly lo-fi. And percussive. And hooky. And sung with alveolar trills and fabulous, gutteral vocal intonation. That all bodes well for her forthcoming album whokill, which drops April 19 on 4AD.

Merrill Garbus
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  • Merrill Garbus

Check out "Bizness," and see if you agree: