Nuke War in Berkeley



Finally, a wacky Berkeley story! We've had it up to here with crooked Oakland cops, plummeting home values, and riots in downtown Oakland. Where, oh where, are the stories of Berkeley residents being eccentric? Thank God the city's Peace and Justice Commission delivers. The public library's self-checkout machines need periodic maintenance, but the manufacturer has outsourced that job to 3M, a Minnesota-based technology firm. And 3M officials have refused to sign a nuclear-free disclosure form as mandated by the city's nuke-free ordinance. So library officials asked the Peace and Justice Commission to waive the requirement, seeing as how the only alternative would be to replace the machines at considerable expense. And wouldn't you know, the Commission refused the waiver! According to the Chron, Commission member George Lippman said that the waiver would undermine the city's determination to strike "a blow against nuclear war." Library officials are appealing the decision to the City Council.