Noise Pop Number Crunching



The Express' loyal cadre of monkeys at typewriters can do more than just produce articles and blog posts. They can also crunch numbers. With minimal prodding from their benevolent masters, they recently produced a useful analysis of Noise Pop 2007's lineup in terms of which artists have played the festival in past years and precisely how many times. A breakdown of their findings follows after the jump.

Out of a total of 111 artists on this year's schedule, 38 have played in past years (dating back to the festival's debut in 1993). That's a healthy 34 percent; in simpler terms, one-third of this year's performers have played Noise Pop before, while a full two-thirds are brand[new to the festival. Of the 38 repeats, most have played only once before, and more than half are local acts (designated below by an asterisk). Go here to see the complete Noise Pop schedule.

And now for the cold, hard numbers produced by our simian comrades.

Number of past appearances at Noise Pop festivals among 2007 participants, in descending order:

6 Oranger*

5 John Vanderslice*

4 David Dondero*

3 Zach Rogue (including w/ Rogue Wave)* The Rum Diary*

2 Aqueduct The Donnas* Earlimart Elephone* Erase Errata* Minipop* Trainwreck Riders*

1 Audrye Sessions* Black Fiction The Botticellis* Brightblack Morning Light Etienne de Rocher* Dead Meadow Ester Drang Jolie Holland* Honeycut* Damien Jurado Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Willy Mason Midlake Midnight Movies Money Mark Alexi Murdoch The New Amsterdams The New Trust* Pants Pants Pants* Push To Talk* Scissors for Lefty* Scrabbel* Send For Help* Starlight Desperation Street To Nowhere* The Submarines

*Bay Area acts.