No Wonder There Isn't a Stronger Outcry About the Missing Boy



The Oakland Tribune's Tammerlin Drummond complained in a piece yesterday that people weren't out searching for 5-year-old Hasanni Campbell, who allegedly went missing in Rockridge, suggesting that it was because the boy isn't white. Drummond also argued that there was no evidence to suspect Campbell's foster father was involved in the child's disappearance. But of course, there has been ample reason to suspect the foster father from early on in the case, and now there's even more. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, newly released court documents show that Louis Ross threatened to abandon the child just ten days before the boy supposedly went missing.

The Chron, quoting a police search warrant affidavit, reported that Ross had sent his fiancée an angry text message, threatening to leave the disabled boy by himself at a BART station. Ross has maintained he did nothing wrong, but KPIX TV also reported that Ross said he had failed a police lie-detector test. And the Associated Press reported that a police hound could not pick up the boy's scent in Rockridge.

But more to the point, people have been justified for the past week for not partaking in a massive search of the boy. Drummond compared Hasanni's disappearance to the case of Sandra Cantu who went missing in Tracy. But there is one major difference that explains people's reactions. There was never any question about Sandra's parents being involved in her disappearance, but from the beginning, police questioned Ross' version of events — and rightly so. Investigators searched his home and a junkyard that Ross said he took the boy to before going to Rockridge. Indeed, there is reason to question whether the little boy was ever in Rockridge the day Ross reported him missing. So why should people be blamed for not embarking on what could be a wild goose chase, when police themselves are not doing it?