No Hollywood Ending for A's



The biggest day left for the Oakland Athletics in the 2011 season happens on celluloid. The limping A's, having just gotten rolled by the Detroit Tigers are now 14 games back from the first-place Texas Rangers. In other words: Out. Of. It. But this season has one last bit of sour magic left to play. On Friday September 23rd, the Moneyball movie, is opening in theaters. That's the day after the actual A's home season ends. Sometimes you don't get any of the bounces.

At the very least, one might expect a tie-in of the playing A's and the movie A's where the Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill flick would provide some sort of bounce. Maybe the stars showing up at the Coliseum to cross-promote? Or just to be seen on the big screen in left field? Maybe the A's having a Tinseltown-themed homestand? Or — I don't know — a sunglass giveaway? Lines of cocaine instead of chalk down the first base line? Instead, whatever connection or buzz might carry over from the Michael Lewis story that told of better times in Oakland, will now fall on an empty stadium and this dismal season exhausting itself on a road trip. Whatever interest the movie inspires will be spent by the time the A's return to Oakland in 2012. Maybe by then it will be a DVD you can buy at the ballpark. Green and Gold—fade to black.