Newt Gingrich Is Polyamorous



Lest you have any doubts about the legitimacy or viability of polyamory as a subculture, check this out: News from the campaign trail this morning convinced us that this alternative lifestyle isn't just the domain of outcasts, Burners, and experimentalists; it's also favored by an establishment GOP candidate. Turns out New Gingrich asked his ex-wife Marianne for an open marriage, but she refused. Marianne related that story in a tell-all interview with ABC's Nightline, excerpts from which have already leaked to the public (the whole thing airs tonight). When confronted about it, Gingrich dismissed the allegations, Politico reports. But it might be too late for the presidential hopeful and notorious adulturer to salvage his image. Marianne, who is evidently keen on disabusing voters of Gingrich's family values rhetoric, has also granted candid interviews to The Washington Post, among other media outlets. Within a few hours of its release, the story went massively viral.