New Video Game 'Grand Theft Auto V' Includes Dispensaries


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The major, new open-world video game "Grand Theft Auto V," which will be released by Rockstar Games September 17, is a "sprawling, satirical re-imagining of modern Southern California" according to gameplay footage released today online.

And of course, no sprawling, satirical re-imagining of modern SoCal would be complete without a medical marijuana dispensary. At minute 2:03 of the video, we see a character exit a shady Venice Beach "pipe shop" — which are notorious for their lax observance of state law — with some type of drink, which likely confers increased health upon the character.


Los Angeles is in the process of permitting roughly 130 dispensaries while closing down an estimated 300 others who do not meet permit requirements as approved by voters in the May election.

[via Shroomery]