New V-Nasty Mixtape Has Arrived



Not keen to rest on her laurels, Oakland-raised rapper V-Nasty just dropped a new mixtape to capitalize on the hype generated by BAYTL, her December collaboration with Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. Clearly, she's ready to consolidate her own career, and assure that she'll never be remembered as just a potty-mouthed, highly problematic sidewoman in Kreayshawn's retinue. And apparently, she's succeeding.


Nasty's latest product, Doin' Numbers, is available as a free download on the White Girl Mob website, and its already received plaudits from SF Weekly for acid, slang-laden lyrics, all delivered in an artificially high sing-song tone. In the opening track, "Swobbin'" (featuring Gucci), V-Nasty rhymes "thing" and "bring" with "name," and uses phallic metaphors to proclaim superiority over "broke-ass hoes." She also brags about being sexually harassed by said hoes. #Poetic.