New Solo Project from Two Gallants' Tyson Vogel (MP3)



Tyson Vogel of San Francisco's Two Gallants has a new solo project, Devotionals, which will release its debut on July 13 through Alive Records. The music is based on Vogel's guitar compositions, with help from violinist Anton Patzner of Bright Eyes and string-metal band Judgement Day.

Here's a link to Devotionals' new song "Chest Like Expansive Wings."


"Destruction, breakdowns, heartache, heart attack, these songs and their process, born out of a darkness, are the representations of the light that is inherent in the blindest of moments. Unrequited Life has been congesting my every silent moment, every living heartbeat, every waking; it tore me apart in dreams or when at the corner store buying soap to clean the only thing that I had left — these sounds are a devotion, a meditation, to the only truly consistent pulse we can depend upon while alive… our own pregnant breathe." — Tyson Vogel

1. Toil and Joy
2. Misericordia
3. Morning Due
4. Toil Pt. 2
5. Chest Like Expansive Wings
6. Your Confused Beauty Upon My Cheek (Your Inhale Among My Unwashed Hair)
7. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky (Intro)
8. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky
9. Heart The Inevitable Music Box
10. Buildings of Heart