New Polls: TaxCann2010 Is Ahead, But By How Much?


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Yesterday, Tax Cannabis 2010 released the results of an EMC Research poll indicating 51 percent of voters support Tax Cannabis 2010 and 40 percent don't. EMC Research found the slight majority of support when they phoned 800 California voters May 6-12 and read them the initiative's title only. When voters heard the Attorney General's summary, support went to 52 percent. The margin of error on this poll is plus or minus 3.46 percent. But a second poll by the Public Policy Institute of California found the race closer. That poll had Tax Cannabis 2010 winning 49 percent to 48 percent with 3 percent undecided.

More than three in four voters have heard of the initiative, EMC found. This week Legalization Nation reported progressive voters will stay home for mid-term elections, but EMC found "many of these traditionally low propensity voters say they will be more likely to vote because of the marijuana initiative.

Drug warrior coalition Public Safety First said that even the EMC poll shows Tax Cannabis 2010 is in serious trouble. “These numbers certainly suggest a great deal of voter skepticism out there,” stated spokesman Tim Rosales. “This is before voters have received any information about this measure’s truly numerous flaws.”

“Basically, this measure makes it impossible for employers to comply with Federal Drug-Free Workplace standards. That’s going to cost billions in federal grants and projects and put more Californians out of work.”

According to Tax Cannabis 2010 author and noted lawyer James Wheaton, Public Safety First is lying. Wheaton told Legalization Nation that TaxCannabis2010 does not affect drug-free workplace requirements at all.